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The International Conference on High Performance Computing & Simulation
(HPCS 2013)

July 1 – July 5, 2013
Helsinki, Finland
http://hpcs2013.cisedu.info/  or  http://cisedu.us/rp/hpcs13

In Cooperation with ACM, IEEE, and IFIP

HPCS 2013 Registration Information

Manuscripts to be presented at the HPCS 2013 Conference and published in its proceedings must be submitted in the format prescribed and template provided.  The maximum length is 8 pages for regular papers. Additional pages beyond 8 pages will cost €50.00 per page with a maximum of 4 additional pages. 

All authors must electronically submit a PDF file of their final camera-ready manuscript to the Conference Web Site Upload link using their original login information (for main track).   If a paper was not uploaded and evaluated using the HPCS 2013 web site (most of symposia, tracks, workshops and special sessions papers fall under this category), then the authors must first go to
" If your paper was accepted through a Symposium, a Special Sessions or a Workshops, and you have not uploaded your paper before to this system yet, you may submit it at this link here"  and register using the "Upload" and then the "HERE" Links on the web site, fill out the form and then upload the manuscript file.  After this first uploading, they can use  the link " If your paper was accepted and was already uploaded to this system, you may submit its final version with this link. "  to upload an updated version.   

All accepted papers must have copyright forms signed and submitted to the Registration Chairs.  Also, please send the presenter's bio file as an attachment to the Registration Chairs.   More instructions can be found on the Author's Info page at  http://hpcs2013.cisedu.info/6-participants/author-info

If you have any questions about uploading, please contact Abdul Habra at
ahabra@yahoo.com and cc the Program Chair.  

Registration Fees are non-refundable. 

All fees will be charged in EURO, €.  


                         NO EXCEPTION.  IEEE Policy on Conference Attendance will be applied. 

In the case of multi-authored papers, at least one author must register at the full registration rate for the paper accepted for presentation at the Conference.  If an author has more than one accepted paper, he/she must pay the full registration fee plus extra page charges, if any apply, for the first paper.  Each additional paper costs half the fees plus the extra page charges, if any. 

There will be a €150.00 registration fee (
250.00 for late registration) for student attendees.  The €150.00 student fee applies only to students attending but not presenting a paper OR students attending and presenting a paper for which a FULL Author Registration fee has been paid by another coauthor.  Student full-time status must be certified by a formal letter from the student's department or school.  Please send certified formal letter from the department or school as an attachment to the Registration Chairs BEFORE 30 May 2013.

All authors must complete their registration by APRIL 29, 2013
(Hard Deadline)Final accepted manuscripts received after APRIL 29, 2013 will not be published in the proceedings of this Conference.  To avoid any potential last minute delays, please register before the deadline of April 29, 2013.

Registration payments will be made using credit cards only.  The Conference registration fee includes attending all sessions and tutorials, refreshments and coffee breaks, a luncheon, a dinner, and one copy of the Conference proceedings.  Student registration (€150.00 or
250.00) and One Day registration are for attending the sessions and tutorials only.  Additional proceedings, CDs, reception and dinner tickets may be purchased.  Please contact the Registration Chairs for additional information. 

The proceedings will be distributed at the conference.  The proceedings may be shipped to you after the conference upon receipt of your payment of a US$45.00 postage/handling fee per volume in the U.S.A.   For international shipping outside the USA, please contact the Registration Chairs or consult the web site. 

HPCS 2013 Registration Short CHECKLIST:
  1. Final Manuscript uploaded?
  2. Fees Paid?
  3. Copyright Form Sent?
  4. Presenter Bio emailed?
  5. Registration Questions answered?
  6. Meals chosen?
  7. Proceedings type selected?
  8. Social Events signed for?


Registration Fees are non-refundable.  

Authors Fees

ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (Early Registration by April 29, 2013):          €510.00  (~ US$690)
ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (Early Registration by April 29, 2013)
(Additional authors of the same paper):                                    €310.00  (~ US$420)
ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (After April 29, 2013):
         (Only for additional authors of the same paper):                        €360.00  (~ US$490)

Non ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (Early Registration by April 29, 2013):    €560.00  (~ US$760)
Non ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (Early Registration by April 29, 2013)
         (Additional authors of the same paper):                                      €360.00  (~ US$490)
Non ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (After April 29, 2013):  
         (Only for additional authors of the same paper):                         €410.00  (~ US$560)

Additional Pages beyond the first 8, per page up to 4 pages max:       €50  (~ US$68)

Additional Papers by April 29, 2013
         (per paper after the first one, up to 8 pages.)  For Member:        €310.00  (~ US$420)
                                                                        For non-member:        €360.00  (~ US$490)

Doctoral Dissertation Colloquium Student (Early Registration by April 29, 2013):    €170  (~ US$230)
Doctoral Dissertation Colloquium Student (LATE.  After April 29, 2013):                 €220  (~ US$300)

Attendees (non-author) Fees

ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (non-authors, Early Reg. by May 30, 2013):           €370.00   (~ US$510)
ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (non-authors, After May 30, 2013):                       €420.00   (~ US$580)

Non ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (non-authors, Early Reg. by May 30, 2013):    €430.00   (~ US$590)
Non ACM/IEEE/IFIP Members (non-authors, After May 30, 2013):                €470.00   (~ US$650)

Students (non-authors, Early Registration by May 30, 2013):                       €150.00   (~ US$210)
Students (non-authors, After May 30, 2013):                                               €250.00   (~ US$350)

One Day Registration (non-authors, Early Reg. by May 30, 2013):        €210.00   (~ US$285)
One Day Registration (non-authors, After May 30, 2013):                    €290.00   (~ US$395)

Corporate Registration:                     €850.00   (~ US$1,190)
Exhibitor (fee per table/booth):         €850.00   (~ US$1,190)
           Platinum:  €3,500 or more    (~ US$4,800)
           Gold:        €2,000  or more   (~ US$2,800)
           Silver:       €750  or more      (~ US$1,000)
           Bronze:     Less than €750    (~ US$1,000)

EXTRA Items Fees

HPCS 2013 Hard Copy of Conference Proceedings:   €45     (~ US$60)
Additional CD Copy of Conference Proceedings:       €20     (~ US$28)
Extra Conference Reception Ticket:                          €20     (~ US$28)
Extra Conference Banquet Ticket:                             €60     (~ US$80)

HPCS 2013 Partner Pass: This option allows an attendee to bring a single guest to the following functions: Lunch Monday through Thursday, Reception on Monday night and Banquet on Wednesday night. Partners will be given a badge and passes to each event. Fee: €180  (
~ US$250)

Social Events Fees
Tuesday Event: 
TBA   (€         per person)

Thursday Event: 
TBA   (€         per person)

Friday Excursions: 
Event 1:  TBA   (€         per person)
Event 2:  TBA   (€         per person)
Event 3:  TBA   (€         per person) 

coming soon.


Please click  HERE  to register using credit cards via the Website System.  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are accepted.  Registration fees are non-refundable, but substitutions are permitted by prior written and signed approval notice to the Registration Chairs only. 


All accepted papers must have copyright forms signed and submitted to the Registration Chairs before or by the registration deadline of April 29, 2013.  Papers without copyright forms will not be published. 

Also, please send presenter’s bio file as an attachment to the Registration Chairs.  Indicate a presenter substitute in case of an emergency.  More instructions can be found on the Authors Info page on the Conference web site.


Please contact Registration Co-Chairs: 

 Lindsey McIntire                                               Barbara Frantom
    Air Force Research Laboratory                                            Air Force Research Laboratory
    BLDG 840 RM E200.16                                                      
BLDG 620 RM 3DT90
    2510 Fifth Street                                                                 
2241 Avionics Circle
    WPAFB, OH 45433    USA                                                 
WPAFB, OH 45433    USA
    Phone: +1 (937) 938-3609                                                   Phone: 
+1 (937) 528-8171
    Fax:      +1 (937) xxx (attn. L. McIntire)                                Fax:     
+1 (937) 435-5854 (attn. Frantom)   
lindseymcintire@gmail.com                                Email:   barbaraathpcs @ gmail.com

John P. McIntire                                         
    Air Force Research Laboratory
     BLDG 840 RM E200.16   
     2510 Fifth Street          
    WPAFB, OH 45433    USA 
     Phone: +1 (937) 369-6743                                                  
     Fax:     +1 (937) xxx (attn. J. McIntire)
     Email:   johnpmcintire@gmail.com

All visa inquiries must be handled by the HPCS 2013 Registration Chairs.  See Visa Page for more details. 

Only registered authors, sponsors, exhibitors, and participants will receive support letters.